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sky radio internet plays the worlds biggest hits Hi my name is Geraint Watts, I live in East Kent with my wife and two Daughters. I have always had a passion for music and never been a tv person. My first dig with radio was when I was 11 years old and my twin brother Gareth and I had an old amstard radio and somehow managed to make it broadcast a

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few feet with two wires attached to a circuit we called a shed radio. Was a bit of fun but when I turned 16 I bought a disco unit with my brother and we played in Clubs and Pubs for a few years. I eventually got bored of the public life and knew radio was my passion so in 1996 with a small transmitter I got on holiday in Canada we started megaradio your big 91.8 fm. That was fun for a few years then in 2003 we got a bigger transmitter and we started mega1050 fm and 101.3 We broadcasted to medway

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